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Meet Our Doulas!

Rachel Burroughs & Katie Goemaat

Attending the births of each other's second children inspired both of us to become doulas.

We primarily serve women in Delaware, but also go to parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania. If desired, we also offer our Two Doula package, which you can ask us about, and we will both assist you and your partner during labor!  Check out our individual pages to learn more about each one of us, and keep scrolling to learn more about our growing sisterhood of doulas!

Darci O'Donnell

I have always been passionate about birth and women's wellness even from a young age.  I believe women innately know how to birth their babies.  This is your time, time to trust your body and birth the way you see fit.  As your doula, I am here to support you, to educate you, and to gently guide you on your birth journey.  Birth is not something to be rushed, to be seen as a medical problem, or to be put on a timeline, but instead should be viewed as a natural experience.

Also, as a Healing Touch Level 3 Apprentice, I enjoy incorporating the Healing Touch techniques into your labor and postpartum period.  I currently hold a registered nurse license in Delaware and work as a pediatric nurse at AI Dupont Children's Hospital.  I am also CPR/BLS certified.  I plan to continue my education, through Frontier Nursing University, to become a Certified Nurse Midwife.  

Birth is a sacred and beautiful process and I would be honored to be your Doula!  

Melissa Subasic

My Story

Even as a young child, I was always fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth. I was the little girl whose Barbie’s were always birthing babies. I attended my first birth when I was 16 and that solidified my career path. I would go on to attend several more births before even graduating high school. It was an early passion. Shortly after graduating high school I discovered I was pregnant myself. As with all of the births I had attended before mine, I chose a medicated hospital birth. After arriving at the hospital in active labor, I was (still) given Pitocin, an epidural was administered and I was left to labor. 

I had an extremely difficult time birthing my daughter, flat on my back, with an epidural. Her shoulders became stuck. Some quick thinking and maneuvering by the doctor and nurses and my almost nine-pound daughter was born. I vowed at that very moment if I were ever to have another child it would not be in a hospital. Fast forward 14 years later: My husband and I are preparing for the birth of our son. I chose to have our baby at the local birth center. At 40 weeks 1 day pregnant my water broke, contractions started and off we went! I labored in the birthing tub for just about 2.5 hours before our son swam earth side. Our son’s birth was everything I needed it to be. His birth also rekindled my passion for all things pregnancy and birth.

I am also a cofounder for a non-profit organization, Boots & Bellies, which provides services for military mommas.

I strongly feel every woman should feel empowered during the birth of her baby. My goal for you to have the confidence to advocate for yourself. I recognize your birth choices may differ from my own, and that is perfectly OK. I will respect your choices and support your decisions without judgment.


I received my doula training through ToLabor. I hold dual certification with Stillbirthday and Birth Arts International. I am also a certified midwife assistant and have completed a midwifery skills workshop both at The Farm in Summertown, TN.

Tammy Hartzell

I have been a doula in the Kennett Square area for three years. I began working with pregnant women in 2002 as a prenatal massage therapist. After ten years of massaging, I decided that I wanted to take my career in a different direction. I enrolled in nursing school with intentions to become a midwife. Just before starting school, I signed up for a doula workshop on a whim. I fell in love and have been a doula ever since. I'm still planning to go to midwifery school. This summer, I will graduate with an associates degree in nursing, and I will be eligible to sit for the boards to become an RN.