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Meet Our Doulas!

Rachel Burroughs & Katie Goemaat

Attending the births of each other's second children inspired both of us to become doulas.

We primarily serve women in Delaware, but also go to parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania. If desired, we also offer our Two Doula package, which you can ask us about, and we will both assist you and your partner during labor! Check out our individual pages to learn more about each one of us, and keep scrolling to learn more about our growing sisterhood of doulas!

Darci O'Donnell, RN, CD

I have always been passionate about birth and women's wellness even from a young age. I believe women innately know how to birth their babies. This is your time, time to trust your body and birth the way you see fit. As your doula, I am here to support you, to educate you, and to gently guide you on your birth journey. Birth is not something to be rushed, to be seen as a medical problem, or to be put on a timeline, but instead should be viewed as a natural experience.

Also, as a Healing Touch Level 3 Apprentice, I enjoy incorporating the Healing Touch techniques into your labor and postpartum period. I currently hold a registered nurse license in Delaware and work as a pediatric nurse at AI Dupont Children's Hospital. I am also CPR/BLS certified. I plan to continue my education, through Frontier Nursing University, to become a Certified Nurse Midwife.  

Birth is a sacred and beautiful process and I would be honored to be your Doula!  

Beth Wolske, LSW/MSW, RYT

I fell in love with Doula support during my first pregnancy, when I began my training. It was like I had come home. Studying women’s strengths, ability to birth without fear, and capacity for coping with the unknown (both in birth and motherhood) really opened my eyes to how important this field is. Focusing on motherhood and maternal support became a sweet escape in which to channel all of my excitement and nervousness while awaiting my first baby. As soon as I had my son, I knew that serving as a Doula was a role that I would come back to, again and again, for more soulful experiences.

I shortly learned that mamas in labor *need* womanly support-a Doula is that person who physically, mentally, and emotionally serves to join the mama and help guide her through one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences of her life. This work-serving mothers, their families, and babies, is unlike anything else. It’s not just a job, it is a calling; one which supports a community that empowers women to trust their instincts and build one another up. I can relate to the intensity and beauty that comes with pregnancy and birth because I too am a mother who has experienced the difficulties and ambiguity of birth, but also because I’ve dedicated much of my therapeutic training to the perinatal field. I apply both my motherhood instincts and education to my work and am deeply enthusiastic about working alongside such amazing women as they navigate motherhood.

Beth is a Certified Doula, Therapist, and psychology lecturer practicing in the tri-state area. She has completed numerous trainings in perinatal mental health, focusing on mood, anxiety, and bereavement and is currently completing her Perinatal Mental Health Certificate as a psychotherapist. She specializes in positive parenting, couple/child relationship dynamics, behavioral therapy, post partum complexities, and issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma. She earned her Masters Degree from West Chester University and has held several roles throughout her career, serving as an Outpatient Therapist, Behavior Specialist, School Counselor, yoga teacher, and college professor. She is a proud mama of two littles, 3 and 5.

Tammy Hartzell, RN

I have been a doula in the Kennett Square area for three years. I began working with pregnant women in 2002 as a prenatal massage therapist. After ten years of massaging, I decided that I wanted to take my career in a different direction. I enrolled in nursing school with intentions to become a midwife. Just before starting school, I signed up for a doula workshop on a whim. I fell in love and have been a doula ever since. I'm still planning to go to midwifery school. This summer, I will graduate with an associates degree in nursing, and I will be eligible to sit for the boards to become an RN. 


Tina Bilodeau


Tina began her doula journey as a massage therapist, she specialized in prenatal massage. It wasn't long before her loyal client base started calling her to their births to help them cope with massage. However after family losses, marriage, and moving across the world Tina stepped out of the birth world for a few years, Until she became pregnant herself and started planning a low intervention hospital birth. A few years later Tina completed her Doula certifications through DONA international and immediately dived into assisting families in the St. Louis Region. With time Tina has completed several spinning babies training, become a Certified HypnoBirthing Instructor, and hosted community lactation support circles. Tinas approach to her doula work is very physically based. With a deep knowledge and understanding of the skeletal and muscular structure, and how its functioning leads to easy pain free birth.

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