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"Simply put, Rachel is AMAZING. Rachel came highly recommended by several people, including my midwife. The first time I spoke to her on the phone, I felt an immediate connection to her -- she exuded warmth and encouragement. Both my husband and I were very impressed with her knowledge of all issues surrounding labor and raising a newborn, including (but not limited to) the purpose of pain, what to expect while at the hospital (and how to get the experience you want there), breastfeeding, essential oils, vaccinations, pain relief strategies, babywearing, and nutritious eating. Despite the fact that doulas are not medical professionals, Rachel is very educated on issues surrounding pregnancy and was able to point me in the right direction to research medication and its effects on pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as a rare problem that I experienced in the last few weeks of pregnancy. My labor experience was fantastic thanks to Rachel's hard work and dedication to seeing that my husband and my labor wishes were realized. She gave my husband very valuable tips on how to help ease my contractions during early labor, and she also worked with me over the phone before it was time to go to the hospital, giving me excellent tips and advice. When she arrived at the hospital, she immediately set to work before we were even admitted to a room, massaging essential oils into my skin, applying counter pressure to my back as I walked the hallways, and helping me focus on breathing strategies. My husband and I really wanted an all-natural labor in the hospital, and our birth plan reflected our desire for a peaceful environment. 'Rachel made sure that all of our requests were honored and helped me labor in different positions to make it easier. Honestly, every massage she gave me felt like a shot of morphine! At the pushing stage, she knew exactly what I needed; the essential oil she used was like magic.' She even took some pictures! We highly recommend her!"

"My experience with Katie Brown was phenomenal, to the point where we still keep in touch and I would consider her a good friend. I was referred to Katie by another doula who wasn't able to take me as a client. Before Katie had a chance to even respond to my e-mail requesting her services, I attended her Natural Birth for Planned Hospital Delivery class. I felt so at ease and comfortable with her even during class that I knew she was meant to be our doula. She immediately made herself available to us. Katie always responded quickly to text messages or phone calls, and was always that calm, reassuring voice on the other end of the line. She checked in frequently towards the end and answer her phone when we called at 4:30 am to report that my water broke. She would've been willing to labor with us at our house, but we were able to muster through alone (and she respected that too). She still continued to keep in touch and met us a the hospital as soon as we arrived. I knew having Katie there that all would go well. It took much of the worry and anxiety away knowing she would not only be there for me, but also for my wife. Neither one of us had gone through child birth before, so Katie was that presence that reassured us what was happening was normal. She was my strength when at 8 cm my body wanted to push but I was told to restrain from doing so as much as possible (holy feather breathing!). She was my reminder to relax my forehead during contractions and to talk to my baby, and let him and my body do what it was meant to do. I know that she coached my wife on ways to make me feel better and to also reassure her that when I didn't want to be touched or bothered, that I still loved her and wanted her there. I could not imagine my birthing experience without Katie. It was the most beautiful experience of my life, and I know a lot of that beauty is thanks to Katie."

"Rachel Changed My Life. I first met Rachel during a birthing class meeting when she came to talk about Doula services. I had been thinking about hiring a doula but was not entirely sure what they provided. I listened to her talk about the support she can offer to birthing couples, but soon realize I stopped paying attention to what she was saying and instead was transfixed on how she was saying it. She spoke about her job like no one I have ever heard before. She was glowing and smiling just talking about how much she enjoys providing emotional, physical and informational support to parents who are bringing their new love into the world. I knew at that moment I needed her there with me. A very long (71 hour) story short, I knew for a fact Rachel being with me was the only reason I did not end up with a c-section. My birth was stalled and she administered every trick and relaxation techneque she had for me and it truly made the pain bearable. Her informational support was extreamly benaficial when the nurses and doctors tried to scare me into a birth that was more convenient for them. Rachel stayed with me, when all others would have left she slept in the window. She never left my side when I needed her, and when I needed my husband's support she gladly stepped back and supported us from across the room. She was the gentle relaxation when I needed it and she was the strong, tough warrior woman who ran across the room, jumped on the bed over me and squeezed me belly (counter uterine pressure) when I was caught off guard by a colossal contraction. She was my advocate and informed me when the doctore made a mistake. I survived PIT with no pain meds! My husband has said to many people that he was terrified until Rachel came. She supported him when he needed it which made him be able to support me. In the end Rachel changed my life and I now am training to become a doula. We truly love her."

"I will be forever grateful to Kate for her doula services. Kate had reached out to me when I was a mess after finding out that I was pregnant with my second. My first was still a baby and I was beyond terrified. She was a huge factor in my coming to terms with my upcoming birth. She checked in with me throughout the pregnancy to see how I was and to answer any concerns or questions. I was always reassured with the knowledge that she was there for me. She is so easy to talk to and I can't imagine a single person not loving her the first time meeting her. When it came time for labour I was scared and feeling like I couldn't do it. I had started having irregular contractions the night before and was afraid this "false" labour would continue. I wasn't able to sleep and when the contractions started coming regularly I was tired, upset and scared. I called Kate and she came over immediately despite the late hour. It is unbelievable the calmness and reassurance that she brought with her. As soon as she arrived I felt so much better and the pain lessened tremendously! It's amazing what a difference fear and stress can do to your pain levels. So all of a sudden I was laughing and dealing with the contraction like they were nothing. Once my father in law arrived she followed me to the birth center. She kept me moving to help me progress and we joked and laughed for a while until things got too intense. When the it came time for pushing I can still here her words of encouragement helping me get my huge baby out! I really don't think I could have done it without her. It was a long labour and her calming reassuring presence helped me go on. It was a beautiful birth. One that I wished for and that I'm proud of. There wasn't a dry eye in the room when he finally came out. All 11 lbs 14 oz of him! Thank you Kate for everything you have done for me. You are a wonderful person and doula. I will love you forever! Every expecting mother should have a Kate!"

"I could never have managed my two inductions without Rachel as my doula. I was able to endure pitocin without an epidural both times because of her encouragement and skill. She performed reiki and counter pressure and other physical support tirelessly through the middle of the night both times! She supported all of my wishes even when things got crazy! Her knowledge base and kindness were incredible. She worked so well with the doctors and nurses as well making it such a positive experience for me. If you are having a baby you need Rachel! She will improve your birth in ways you never knew possible! A positive entrance into the world has countless benefits for baby and mom alike. Thanks to Rachel my babies and I are proof of this."

"Katie!! Thank you so much for your support. It was amazing. :))) The nurse loved you and said you were such a pleasure to work with. She asked me what a doula typically costs and I told her what you charge and what it includes. She said you are worth every bit of that and then some!"

"With my first pregnancy my daughter was breech and I had to have a c-section. When I found out with my second pregnancy my daughter was head down I was thrilled and wanted to do everything possible to have a natural birth. After initially meeting Rachel, I immediately felt comfortable with her and a sense of relief knowing she would be the perfect advocate (I was very anxious about the on call doctor pushing a c-section). She is very knowledgeable, explained things clearly and was easy to reach with questions and concerns. I had contractions every 1-2 hours 4 days prior to giving birth and her support was invaluable, if it wasn't for her I would have gone to the hospital too early and have a completely different outcome. She was incredibly insightful, calm, reassuring and patient with answering all my questions. With Rachel's guidance I successfully had the natural birth (VBAC without any pain medications) I always wanted. It was a added bonus having her there to help with latching and getting breastfeeding off to a good start. We were thrilled and thankful with how well the overall experience went with Rachel and that we have positive memories of that day."

"I can't say enough wonderful things about katie! We clicked from the first meeting and I just loved everything she stood for and how she represented herself. I met with katie 3 times during my pregnancy and was impressed each time with her professionalism but also her down to earth personality. Katie was there for me every step of the way during my 40 hour labor and I don't know how I (or my husband!) would Have made it without her. And her support didn't end there! She has been an amazing support person and resource of knowledge postpartum as well. She even offered to come with me to an appointment to fix my son's lip tie when she found out my husband couldn't make it. Not only do I know I made the right choice in a doula but I feel like I gained a friend."

"I knew from my first conversation with Rachel that she was right doula for us. She is knowledgeable, caring, and calm. I never hesitated to contact her during my pregnancy. She was always prompt in responding to any question or concern. During labor, Rachel met my husband and me at the hospital. She arrived about 15 minutes after us. When she walked into the room, I immediately felt like, "Ah, Rachel is here. I can do this." Her calming presence was so comforting, even though I didn't feel calm myself. We are so grateful that Rachel helped welcome our daughter into this world. I've recommended her several times and if we were going to have another child, Rachel would be a part of that birth, too. Rachel, thank you for empowering me to have the birth experience I desired!"

"Kate and I connected instantly in our first phone interview. She seemed to know exactly what I wanted in a natural birth and how to help me attain it. After being risked out of a birthing center with my first daughter, I desperately wanted things to be different with my second daughter. A 36 week ultrasound confirmed my second daughter was in the breech position. I was risked out of my birth center again and scheduled for an external cephalic version the following week. I was an emotional wreck leading up to the version. Kate stayed in constant contact with me, validating my feelings and keeping my spirits high. She came to the procedure and kept me calm and collected even when things got scary and we were threatened with an emergency cesarean. Besides helping me, she asked the doctors questions that I couldn't think of and kept my husband calm too. The next day the doctors office called and told me my baby's blood was mixing with mine and I needed to be induced that day. I asked Kate to come by the next day when things started to become intense. Kate talked me through each contraction and suggested different positions that may be more comfortable, she rubbed my back and placed pressure on my hips when I needed it. After 2 hours of pitocin induced contractions, I was worried I wasn't progressing. Kate reassured my confidence and suggested I get checked by the midwife. I was 6-7cm dialatwd and 90% effaced with a bulging bag of water. Kate's experience and research found it to be beneficial at this point. I don't remember another contraction after it was broken, my daughter arrived easily and smoothly about 30 minutes later. Although i I was unable to have the exact birth I desired, Kate got me through so many emotional ups and downs, and kept my head straight when I wanted to go crazy. She is a caring, skilled, and knowledgable doula and friend. I would highly recommend her services and companionship.

"Rachel made such a big difference during my pregnancy and delivery. She was always one phone call/text away. She explained all the pros and cons of every procedure they perform in the hospital. She supported us no matter what we chose to do in our situation. I had to be induced one week early and it changed our birth plan a lot. She gave me all other options and stood by me through the whole thing. Every time we had a concern she sent us research articles on the subject, She is so compassionate and I can tell she really loves her job as a doula. I feared going into labor at first but she took a lot of my worries away and I just felt at ease going into this. During my labor Rachel knew exactly how to take charge and try different things to ease my pain and explain exactly what is happening. She massaged me, used aroma therapy and made many helpful suggestions to distract me from the pain I was feeling. She also gave direction to my boyfriend and my nurses on how they could help me out. My boyfriend and I both feel that it would of been much more difficult without Rachel being there with us. She gave me the reassurance I needed to get through my painful contractions. I am so happy and thankful I was able to have Rachel as my doula."

Katie Brown is an amazing doula! As a first time mom who was hoping for an un-medicated birth in a hospital setting, I knew that I would need a great support system and boy did I get it! Her home visits during my pregnancy were not only informative but allowed us to develop a relationship that absolutely carried over into my labor and delivery. As we got closer to my due date, Katie was very good about checking in with me to see how I was feeling and if there was anything I needed from her. When the big day actually arrived (or should I say DAYS), Katie was at my home within the hour. We did a big portion of my laboring at the house and it was very reassuring to have Katie there to help me decide when it was time to head to the hospital. Once we were at the hospital, Katie had a great rapport with the medical staff and was seen as a help, not a hindrance to their work. Throughout my 41 hours of labor, Katie was constantly massaging my back, encouraging me, and helping me to confront and move past my fears. It was clear that my experience and well-being was her top priority. As my labor drew on, she asked my permission to reach out to a fellow doula to help get us through the final stretch. After 34 hours of laboring, that fresh energy in the room was exactly what we needed. I'm so grateful she didn't feel too proud to reach out for help to make sure I was taken care of. Because of Katie I was not only able to survive almost 2 full days of labor, but I was able to achieve my goal of having an un-medicated birth without any interventions. Katie was also a huge help to my husband and was able to guide him in what to do to best support me. This allowed him to feel fully involved in the process and gave us a truly magical experience as a couple. Thank you Katie, I couldn't have done it without you!

"Rachel came to the rescue a few days before we delivered when one of our doulas became sick and couldn't make it. She made immediate efforts to get to know my husband and me before the big day. We met for the first time at the hospital when I was in active labor and I immediately felt comfortable with her and knew that I could trust her. Rachel was amazing during labor. She and our other doula worked to help me have a completely natural birth at Christiana Hospital. She massaged me through my contractions and used counter pressure for hours to help pain mngment. Rachel also helped me with positioning through transition period and pushing.

It's amazing to me that we literally met hours before my daughter was born. I felt instantly like I knew Rachel well. she is caring and strong and comforting. She put me at ease and I know that I could not have had such a wonderful birth experience without her."

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